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Scorpio is perhaps the most difficult of all the signs to get to know on a really deep level. Bearing that in mind a friendship between two Scorpios has a very good chance of flourishing since both people involved are fully aware of their own depths and the fact that they are only very slowly revealed to anyone else.

At first sight a relationship between two Scorpios may seem like a match made in heaven. However, although there will be moments of wonderfully intense passion the relationship is likely to be characterised over time by a sense of mutual distrust and jealousy. In addition it is unlikely that either Scorpio will be willing to back down when an argument arises.


" They have a mutual respect and for that matter a certain amount of mutual suspicion."
10.5.09 16:21


I'm broken.
7.5.09 16:25

I like my work.
There was a quiet moment today where everyone was eating lunch- Kelvin was having a drink beside me at the kitchen bench and I just suddenly had a wave of compassion for these guys.
I love you. I really do.
7.5.09 13:39


Broke down beside the phone but thankfully they all were asleep. But the following morning, I still am.

About to go to work.

I dispise you for your decisions.

And I feel distant from you due to your lack of understanding and your subsequent critizism of the situation.
Sometimes we need to label things. We need to be able to identify with something, because as soon as you can define it with a researched topic or theory- you are able to express it, to put it into words. It gives you a voice. Yes, it is excluding and you can't 'understand' unless you've experienced (this is in my sense of the word), but the same goes for any other traumatic experience.
The same goes for other disorders.
We don't know what it's like. Can only imagine.
That's why I can't tell you. I'd love to. I want to.
But how come your understanding is less than theirs?
I can't explain. Tell. It's frustrating.
And so when you voice your opinion I have to shut down , withdraw, and stay away. Change the topic and laugh, because THAT is one we can both join in on.

I'd like you to be there. I think it's necessary (for progress). But not like this. I don't want to rely on words only. I'd need nonverbal too, to communicate the meaning and impact of the experience. It might help. I do think I can be vulnerable with that one. Your reactions are safe. I hope.

(way to protect your ego) - yes. Of course.
7.5.09 03:31

4.5.09 17:25

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